Welcome to my website! I am an English teacher and writer from New Britain, Connecticut. This site contains my ramblings about teaching, my writing, and sundry stuff that I find interesting. I invite you to give feedback on anything that strikes your fancy.

You can click on “BLOG” above and be taken to all my entries, or you can peruse by category at left. Here’s a little background on each:

Books and Movies — I like to read books. I like to watch movies (and some TV, but there’s little on these days that garners my loyal following). Here’s where I’ll tell you what I think of what I read and watch.

Teaching — My musings on the goings-on in my classroom and the general state of education. Feel free to comment.

Writing — My writing (duh). This is mostly first-draft stuff, so please forgive the occasional misspelling or missing word. You’ll see all forms of writing here — from poetry to newswriting. I would greatly appreciate any constructive feedback.


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Links — My links at right are quite a mix. I’ve got everything from my favorite comic strip (Get Fuzzy) to teaching resources (National Council of Teachers of English).

Check this out! — The slideshow will feature pictures from my classroom. I’ll give details about the pictures here. Since school hasn’t started yet, you get pictures of my cats (see below).

Fluff and George photo gallery — I love my cats, both shelter rescues. Fluff is an 11-year-old gray domestic longhair, and George is a 6-year-old white domestic longhair. I love them equally, but while Fluff looks annoyed in nearly every picture taken of him, George loves the camera and has personality to spare, so expect more pictures of George. George also has something of a “container” fetish — if he can sit in, under or on top of it, he is a very happy boy. The featured photos will recycle each time you visit the page. Click on an image to read the caption.