When I’m sick …

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I’m not sure if this should be filed under Teaching or Writing, but needless to say, it wasn’t a good day.

When I’m sick, I get cranky

I want to reach for a hanky,

Or maybe a whip

Instead of a quip

To deal with unruly students.

My tolerance it’s waning.

I know I’m complaining.

But please tell me why —

Or I’ll start to cry —

Why I’m still dealing with unruly students?

Tell me quick ‘fore I snap.

Why I can’t whap

The side of the heads

(God, I want to go back to bed)

Of my bothersome unruly students?

A fall day

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Leaves wafting

from blushing branches

Skitterings in the leaf piles

Delighted peals

Frustrated groans

Rakes once again at the ready

Honks headed south

Burrowing deep

Crunchy white at dawn

Smoky scent

Bus stop drones


Silent nights

Flakes forthcoming