Anglo-Saxon verse

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Write 18-20 lines of Anglo-Saxon verse (2 beats per half line following a bang-bang-bang-crash alliteration pattern on the stressed beats) on the topic of what I’d like to eat.

Eggs scrambled with sausage, I seem to recall

Taste perfectly pleasant, a paean of sorts

For when I’m down in the dumps or just desperately tired.

Maybe toast and tea. I would titter at that.

But breads right now are bad. I know better than that.

I could go with coffee. Caffeine is allowed.

No, I don’t enjoy that drink. It doesn’t appeal.

I vacillate on vegetables. I doubt I’ll ever agree

To warmed up watercress. I won’t. Don’t ask.

Breakfast should be bodacious. And bountiful. And warm.

I want meat and mounds of it. No mincing on portions.

I want bacon or beef. I’ll take bison even so.

Perhaps some melon or a mimosa. A salmon mousse on a bagel.

If I rise in late morning, my response may change.

Brunch has more choices than Cheerios, chugged down with milk.

You’ve got fritattas with taters, or stratas with berries.

There’s quiches with kiwi served cutely on the side.

All these foods have me fondly recalling my before state.

Better place them in packing. I don’t prefer to be fat.


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