Reread the “Introduction” to Ways of Reading. It, too, takes a position on the proper use of books. Given the work that you have done in this sequence (“Introduction,” The American Scholar, In Search of Our Mothers’ Gardens, Lectures Read to the Seniors at Harvard), you are prepared to read it not as a simple statement of “how things are” but as a position taken in a tradition of concern over the role of reading in the preparation of Americans. Make a series of notes in which you consider the introduction in relation to Emerson, Channing, Walker, and the ways they articulate the proper use of reading. Where you place this book (or its goals as stated in the “Introduction”) in relation to an Emersonian tradition? And what about you – do you see your own interests and concerns, the values you hold (or those held by people you admire), the abilities you might need or hope to gain – do you see these represented in what you have read?


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