Remembering Dad on Father’s Day

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I wrote this in either 2002 or 2003, when I was working for The Star-Herald newspaper in Presque Isle, Maine. My periodic column was called “Musings.”

This Sunday, June 15, fathers everywhere will receive breakfast in bed, golf balls, bad ties, sports videos and cards ranging from side-splitting funny to tear-jerker sweet from their spouses and children. Yep … it’s Father’s Day.

I’m planning on sending my father (he’s in Connecticut so this won’t ruin the surprise) a wine book that will allow him to make notes on what varieties and brands he likes, doesn’t like, and what foods they best complement. But I still don’t have a card picked out.

You see, my father is not an emotive man. I’ve never seen him cry or belly-laugh, although he has this great smirk and chuckle. I have seen him get mad – I get my impatience from him. Most of the time though, he’s pretty stoic.

So a mushy card that goes on and on about how I’m Daddy’s Little Girl, or some other sappy stuff, is not for me and my Dad. No, I need a card that somehow acknowledges … Read more

3 chipmunks and a mouse

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Three chipmunks and a mouse walk into a dryer vent.

It sounds like a joke, right? Like a Henny Youngman or Rodney Dangerfield politically incorrect tale that will make you laugh, but also cringe. This story is definitely cringe-worthy. Read more

8 things

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What makes an Aroostook County festival? That is, what do you “need”?

My friend Ben and I discussed this in jest one summer, at the end of what we semi-lovingly called “festival season.” Read more